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My wife and I purchased a Gaggia Titanium espresso machine from this company last October. After 6 months of light use, the steam pump went out.

Per their written instructions, we packaged the machine and paid to ship the machine back to them, paid an additional $140 to have them professionally clean and tune the machine in addition to the warranty work, and pre-paid the return shipping. Over 5 weeks later, we received the machine back and it was broken - the part they were supposed to fix had been repaired, but parts had been lost during "cleaning", and the grinders were broken when we received it. After spend 4 hours (literally) on the phone with several customer/technical support people over 3 days we again packaged the machine and shipped it back to Whole Latte Love. They did pay the shipping this time.

After another several weeks, the machine was returned but had a new problem. Several phone calls later, we had the machine running (for a minute!) The steam wand that they had replaced b/c they lost it during the cleaning process shot off the machine and sprayed scalding milk all over me and my kitchen. When we called them back again, they said the only thing they can do is sell us another steam wand. When I asked to talk to a customer service supervisor, they told me that he was not available and was not willing to call me back.

If you really have an urge to do business with this company, save yourself the aggravation and take the money you were going to spend and throw it away. It will be less aggravating. Be prepared to not be able to make coffee for several months at a time and to spend hours on the phone with friendly but overall useless technical support. I won't even address all the time (and expensive coffee wasted) trying to troubleshoot problems with the machine.

I can't imagine how much these customer service people must be getting paid to answer calls like mine and from everyone else that has tried to do business with them. Do yourself a favor - buy elsewhere!

Review about: Whole Latte Love Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I'm just wondering if wholela.... is given a chance to respond to these complaints?

Was thinking of buying from them? Now I'm not so sure??

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